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Not a virused post.
1. Why are my dad and Mr. Wesker teenagers? ...Virus, okay. Is there anyone who isn't affected by the virus besides me?

2. If Mr. Wesker's gone, and Dad and Dr. Stein are gone, and I'm Mr. Wesker's assistant, doesn't that make me in charge of the island while he's away? What should I do first?
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Oh my god DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING it might let the zombies out

I wasn't going to! I know how careful you have to be here!

Well, that's good! And are you seriously in charge? You're twelve.

We have had a conversation about this. I said I could do it better than anyone else and he agreed. I can find you the links if you need them.

...Ouch. Can't say I'm surprised by that, really... what about your mom though?


Mom's freaking out. Do you really want her to be in charge right now? I mean, really?

Heh, yeah, you're probably right... guess we should just leave her to it. As long as the place doesn't burn down, should be all right!

The first thing that you and me are going to do under my rule is eat a cake. And not tell Regene about it or he'll steal the whole thing, again.

...Can you be in charge every day?

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