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While you were still my boss, I got you a nice pen for Boss's Day, Mr. Wesker. You don't get presents often enough. Anyway, I don't know where to send it to, so I guess it'll wait until you visit.

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That's very kind of you but you don't need to worry yourself on my account.

It wasn't that hard, and I like trying to make you happy.

Well. I appreciate it. I'm not certain when I might visit.

That's okay! I'll make sure not to lose it.

Thank you. I'll try not to be too long about it.

I miss living with you already...

I doubt it'll happen again for a very long time if at all.

Are you and Dad having a fight?

Is it because you blew up the island and now he can't live with you any more, and he thinks you don't want him around?

I'm just guessing.

Try asking him. I don't have time to fathom everything that goes in on his head.

You could tell him that you still like being around him, though. It might make him feel better, and then you wouldn't be arguing as much.

He should know me well enough to understand what I mean.

This is Dad we're talking about, he's dumb about this.

I'm not wasting time arguing with him anymore.

Please don't get too mad at him... He really, really likes you. He's just dumb.

That may be the case but I'm no longer in the mood for it.

...You'll make up eventually, right?

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