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IC Contact Post

Wesker's voice: Greetings. This is Albert Wesker. Either Chris has me busy away from home, or I'm out buying hair gel now. If you do manage to reach me, I'm afraid that seven minutes is all I can spare to talk to you. (Evil chuckle.)

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... I apologize. I seem to have the wrong number. [Click! Guess who saw a woman she thinks may be your mama and wants to discuss it with you?]

[Call back, thankfully her phone keeps track of numbers.]

Hi, Lilith? Sorry, I should really change that ringtone, it seemed funny at the time.

It is funny dear. I'm afraid what I'm calling about may not be as humorous if I am correct.

[A pause.] Sherry, may I ask the name of your mother?

Are you aware there is a woman on the community with that name?

Is there anything I can do for either of you?

I don't want things to go the way they did last time. I want things to go right. I just don't know how.

I understand. Ultimately, your mother must decide her own fate. I only hope she will find a way to deal with her current situation.

She's stubborn. She won't give up.

Then she will make it through this.

You're welcome. You have my number now. I expect you to call should you need me for anything.

Absolutely. I'll make sure to call.

I'll allow you to go back to your busy day, Sherry. Thank you for speaking with me.

Thanks for telling me. Bye.

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