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[Grab Bag, Liar Liar]
I don't want to have any more conversations that involve 'hookers' ever. Especially not ones that are also about my dad. If Uncle Wesker were here I'd ask him to glare at him, even if he is kind of scary. Uncle Wesker, I mean. Actually, my whole extended family is scary.

...why am I writing this in public? Isn't that mean to say?

((Reacting to this thread with a dose of virus truth.))

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I know this thing will hold someone's computer hostage until they've had a few meaningless conversations, but, magical, evil community or not, requiring a child to talk about something like that, much less about their parents, is going overboard.

It's not really the community. It's just one guy.

Children shouldn't be exposed to that kind of harassment, in person or online. Even if there's some unknown chat quota, it's best to talk to the people you know and to ignore those kind of messages.

I'll do that next time. He's mean.

This is someone who harasses you often?

...I think the solution is not to talk to Greed. Ever.

Do I still scare you?

That's a good idea.

You do. You're a good teacher and everything, and I know you like Dad, but you're still really scary.

I'm known for those.


It's also kind of scary how you like being scary.

Oh my god did Greed seriously tell you to buy me a hooker?

He seriously, seriously did.

Ugh, if I thought I could take him, I'd so go and beat him up for you, sweetie!


Um... I could get Stein to do it!

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