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Today I told my class that I might be moving soon. Well, really I told one acquaintance, and then everyone else knew.

Everyone was really nice about it. I didn't talk to them much, but they said they were sorry and wanted to know why I had to leave. (I didn't tell them. I'm not that silly, Dad.)

[Completely and totally failed lock from William and Annette]
Joshua said he'd miss me... He's really, really cute. I wanted to say something to him before I left, but today I clammed up like usual. It shouldn't be this hard to talk to a guy.

No telling my parents about this, okay? I don't think they would really like the idea of me liking anyone.

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Guess you'll be leaving behind a lot of people. Do you have many friends?

Not really. There were people I talked to occasionally, and there were the people I sat with at lunch and just sort of... was there. Not many friends.

That's a shame, no fun not having friends at school. I mean, at least, that's what I thought...

But, hey! Who's this guy then?

Why would that matter? It ain't their business.

Anyway, movin' ain't bad. I've done it most of my life.

Where my father lives, on an island - only I think we might go to live in one of his friend's worlds because of a business trip or something.

Thank you for not telling anyone, Sherry. I'm sorry I'm making you leave your friends though.

It's okay! I'll make new friends, and maybe I'll get to see you more often. I'd like that more.

That's sweet. And my friends are your friends, okay?

Oh! Do you need help planning a romantic confession?

Oh, yes! I've done quite a lot of research.

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